Garden Beds

Raised Garden bed

Join the gardening revolution and grow your own veggies, herbs and edible flowers in a raised garden bed. These are wonderful additions for restaurant kitchen gardens, schools, preschools or even at your home or business. Raised garden beds can be custom made to order in the following Colorbond colours:

  • Woodland Grey
  • Paper Bark
  • Pale Eucalypt
  • Surfmist
  • Windspray

We supply standard shapes - round 1m, 1.5m, 2m and 2.5m diameter and oval 1m x 2m, 1m x 2.4m and 1m x 3m. Special sizes are available and our staff are more than happy to help.

Garden bed options

Delivery available based on distance from workshop to delivery site. Please contact us for updated prices.

Round (600mm height)

Size Price
1m diameter -
1.5m diameter -
2m diameter -
2.5m diameter -

Oval (600mm height)

Size Price
1m x 2m -
1m x 2.4m -
1m x 3m -

Oval (800mm height)

Size Price
1m x 2m -
1m x 2.4m -
1m x 3m -
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